04 October 2010

Over Eager Tooth Fairy

We had an early visit from the Tooth Fairy last week. Lincoln had to have one of his baby teeth pulled because of the accident he had during the summer. In some ways, it is sort of a relief to have it over with, we’ve been to the emergency room three times and seen about 6 dentists since June, but 19 months is really early to lose your first tooth.

Here’s Lincoln waiting to get his x-ray taken. He had to sit in that big chair all by himself and normally it would just be him in the room when the x-ray was taken (biting down on something and staying perfectly still,) but that’s a little hard when you’re one and half. Since he had an infection, it was really important we got a good x-ray, so the dental hygienist ended up staying in there with him.


The actual pulling was awful, but at least it was just one tooth instead of all four (what one of the other dentists wanted to do.)

Right after they pulled the tooth they gave him this green beach ball. He cheered up immediately and he’s been playing with it ever since.

                                                DSC_0130 DSC_0134 DSC_0138

(Does this kid look like he just had a tooth pulled? It had not even been 10 minutes. He’s a trooper.)

When we got home I tried to get some pictures of the gap in his mouth, but he was too busy running up and down a hill in our yard to pose. I guess he’s not too concerned about it.

                                                DSC_0155DSC_0157 DSC_0165