11 October 2010

More Fall Fun

This weekend we drove out to a nearby farm for some more fall fun. Iron Kettle Farm is a veritable autumn wonderland and we were able to enjoy it with some friends from Church. While we waited for them to arrive, we breakfasted on some donuts and hot apple cider. The farm had a whole slew of wooden vehicles for the kids to play on. Lincoln’s favorite was the school bus.

                                                                                      DSC_0179 DSC_0186

After our friends arrived the real fun began. Lincoln rode a train with his friends (which he thought was awesome), got to check out a bunch of animals and the beautiful autumn foliage, all of which he loved.

                                                           DSC_0216DSC_0226DSC_0241 (2)

He did not, however, enjoy this little tractor ride through the corn.


We also made our way through a corn maze before picking out our pumpkins from the farm’s ample supply. Iron Kettle is really a one stop, fall fun shop.



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Julie said...

Fun blog!! I wish we couldve made it to iron kettle that day with all you guys!! I'm so happy Lincoln and tucker are similar ages, we have a ton of fun with you guys!

Julie said...

Sheesh! I didn't know you guys went to France this summer! That is so fun! Your pictures are beautiful what a fun trip!!