05 June 2010

Under the Brooklyn Bridge


Since Chantal is visiting, Jonathan and I were able to leave Lincoln home and go for a walk on the Brooklyn Promenade last night. We stopped first at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. The ice cream was delicious and totally worth the wait in line, and the city lights were so beautiful. We had a nice view of the Financial District and the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.

DSC_0046DSC_0036 (2)DSC_0038 (2)

I am pleased with these pictures because I took them all on manual, and I think they turned out pretty nice. Jonathan had a lot of fun messing around while the camera’s shutter was open and making himself look like a ghost.



mattyanddeidre said...

That looks so awesome. What an adventure you guys are having out there. How awesome!

SMT Family said...
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Lindsey Hicks said...

Great job of the pictures. I'm so impressed.

Brooke said...

O my gosh we were just there taking pictures in the same place. Good job they look so good!
I hope you guys are doing well. Have fun living in the city you lucky girl. Give Lincoln a squeeze for me.

Derrill Watson said...

I am Really impressed with Jonathan's move. How did he do it??? Without any blur lines! *o*

Bree said...

I love the lighter one on the right. What a fantastic adventure you guys are having!