05 June 2010

Central Park Zoo

Lincoln has been very excited about animals recently, so we decided to head over to the Central Park Zoo the other day. When we first got there we were hoodwinked into going to a creepy animal show. We were not forewarned what sort of animals were displayed in this show and were surprised when we were confronted with a palm size cockroach and a very wiggly, black snake. I took a few deep breaths and did not bolt (since we were specifically instructed not to,) but got out of there at the earliest opportunity. We headed over to the petting zoo area for some more enjoyable animal entertainment.


At the petting zoo we saw alpacas, sheep and goats. The animals that live in that petting zoo are probably the best trained animals in New York State. They knew to go directly to Lincoln, not me or Chantal, and smell his hands to see if he had food. When he didn’t they immediately moved to the next child. I cannot believe those animals aren’t the size of houses! They are constantly eating! Lincoln did do a good job feeding them a little bit, even though I was nervous he would get his fingers bitten off.


Next we headed over to the main zoo. It’s small, of course, but it was fun to wonder around. The highlight of the afternoon was definitely the snow leopard. When we got to his enclosure, he was right next to the glass! Unfortunately, there was another little boy there and Lincoln is much more interested in little boys than he is in snow leopards, so he didn’t really appreciate the awesome-ness. Oh well.

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Ashley Bybee Stepp said...

:) Looks like you guys are having fun. We miss you!