28 May 2010

New York Aquarium

Lincoln and I went out to the New York Aquarium at Coney Island today. As soon as we walked in Lincoln spotted the first tank. He was so excited and just stood there on the ledge pointing at the fish.DSC_0856

I don’t think I had ever seen a walrus in person before. They were so BIG! They kept coming right up to the glass like they were saying hello, it was really cool.


Lincoln really liked that they had several displays at his level. He got to feel octopus tentacles and make a little fish wag his tail (that was his favorite!)


DSC_0876  DSC_0885


I was trying to take a picture of this huge turtle (tortoise?) and that stupid shark got in the way.


Lincoln decided he was done riding in his stroller and that he would much rather push it himself. I probably shouldn’t have even brought the stroller, but it’s so handy for storing stuff. Oh well, at least I had someone to help me push it!


The last thing we did was wait for the sea lion show. I think Lincoln was a little over it by then, but I thought the show was really cool! Lincoln did discover, however, that his new favorite toy is my lens cap, so he was entertained.


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Lindsey Hicks said...

Lincoln looks like he is having a blast. I'm sure the only thing that could make NYC any more fun would be a gal pal. Sigh.