25 May 2010

Let’s Hear it for New York!

We’ve made the transition from Ithaca to Brooklyn for the summer. We’re all moved into our little one-bedroom apartment and are trying to get used to living in the big city. Lincoln is doing really well with the adjustment for the most part, but we’ll have to see if we all continue to sleep in the same room.

It looks like we’re interviewing Lincoln when we feed him now.


Jonathan started his new job yesterday, but so far it doesn’t sound too hard. 


Lincoln and I ventured into Manhattan today for the first time by ourselves. We’ve discovered the stroller is, more or less, useless, so I took him in the Moby Wrap and that worked well. We walked around Central Park and Lincoln got lots of attention for being so cute. He continued being cute when we got home and he got dinner all over his face.

                                       P5250017   DSC_0820


Lindsey Hicks said...

I think his hair looks thicker than the last time I saw him.

Mommy Dearest said...

We miss you already. Don't stay too long.