26 January 2010

Growing Up So Fast

In preparation for his first birthday Lincoln has been going through some major changes. He finally stopped scooting and is now crawling like a champion.

As soon as Lincoln learned to crawl he started learning other things too. Like how to get up on his knees to get a toy... or picture off his wall near his crib while he's supposed to be napping for example. And to eat it.

Then he figured out how to pull himself up to stand so that he could rev up his dump truck.

These changes all took place over a matter of days. It is so much fun to watch him change and grow, but it was so fun to have a little baby, too...

This was just funny. He loves to eat rolls, but he missed the target this time. Yes, that's a piece of roll stuck to his forehead. When we took it off his head (after several pictures, of course,) he looked at us like we pulled a quarter from behind his ear. Then he ate it.

I love these pictures of Jonathan and Lincoln playing together. Lincoln loves to steal Jonathan's hats, chew on his collars, and take off his glasses. They have so much fun together.

And, my baby is eleven months old today. Only one more month until his birthday. One more month of being a baby.


SMT Family said...

My goodness...11 months already! I wish we hadn't missed so much of his growing up. In my mind he is still just a big-little month old :) He is so darn cute!

Watching babies grow is so fun. What a joy to be home with him for it all!

Lindsey Hicks said...

Those pictures with Jonathan are adorable.

Thister said...

This is one of the most heartfelt entries I have read, Hillary! How exciting, sad, beautiful and joyous all at once.

Ashley Bybee Stepp said...

Time to put the baby locks on. :) I love watching him at church. He's so funny!