07 July 2009

Fourth of July Weekend

For the fourth of July weekend the three of us drove down to Richmond to see the Knightons. This was only Lincoln's second road trip (the first was from Spokane to Seattle), so it was something of a challenge, but overall he did a great job.

Friday Jonathan, Ava, Lincoln, and I went to see some of the sights while Aidan got a tooth pulled. I think we definitely got the better end of that deal. We went into Richmond's famous Monument Avenue to see the statues.

Monument Avenue is about five miles long, with several statues, mostly Civil War related, along the way. We parked and walked to see Jefferson Davis, Stonewall Jackson, and Robert E. Lee.

The walk from Stonewall Jackson to Robert E. Lee was about a mile. It was a little long for Ava, but she did a great job...

...Even though she had to take off her shoes and ride in Lincoln's stroller for a little bit.

On the 4th Jonathan and I took both Knighton kids and that Jones kid to Virginia Beach. Nikki warned us it would be crazy busy and we weren't disappointed. The beach (and parking lots) were packed.

We took Lincoln into the ocean for the first time. We're not really sure if he liked it or not since we couldn't keep him out there too long so he wouldn't get too much sun.

One thing is for sure, Jonathan and Aidan sure loved the water. They were both in the water the entire time we were there.

Ava preferred to play in the sand by me, but we still had fun, burying her and then Aidan in the sand.

It was too bad Aidan was still wet when we buried him...

It was such a fun day. All three kids slept almost all the way back to Richmond because they were so wiped out.

That evening we just hung out chez Knighton and had dinner. Lincoln thinks his Auntie Nikki is so funny! He was laughing ton at her, but his cousins didn't have as much luck making him laugh (not for lack of trying.) It was a pretty quick trip, but we had so much fun! I look forward to doing it again in October.

On the way back we just had to take a break... you know, for Lincoln.... so we stopped at a Potbelly (about 20 miles out of the way.) Mmmm... we miss Potbelly...


Bree said...

Ava and Aiden are so. grown. up!! I had to enlarge the photo to make sure you weren't lying about those two adorable children you were spending time with! I can't believe it...how time flies!

christopher said...

hey jonathan. we are moving to richmond in a month!