13 June 2009

Lincoln Goes to Washington

Last week Lincoln and I took a little trip to Washington State to visit family and friends. This was Lincoln's first time on a plane and he did an excellent job. I got so many compliments from people who said they didn't even know there was a baby on the plane!

We flew from Syracuse to Seattle and then took a Southwest flight from Seattle to Spokane. There was a huge gap in between the flight times, though, so my grandma and cousin Amy came to keep us company at the airport.

We decided we wanted to surprise Jonathan's family, so we didn't tell them we were coming. When we got to their house, I left Lincoln on the doorstep, rang the doorbell, and ran. I should have filmed Chantal's reaction, but I didn't think about it. It was pretty funny.

Lincoln met several people for the first time while he was there, and visited some he had already met.
I was a little shocked by how big and... person-like Selena is! Jonathan's family laughed at me when I said, "She can talk and everything!" To be fair, she's eight, but I see her so infrequently I was a little shocked! It was so fun, though, when Sasha, Selena, Lincoln, and I got to spend a little time together at the mall.

Lincoln thought his Uncle Jeremiah was SO funny. He was laughing so much when he was sitting on Jeremiah's chest like this. It's still new to hear him laugh, so we were all loving it!

Lacey drove in for a quick visit... I cannot believe it had been three years since I'd seen her! It was so much fun getting to hang out and catch up for a little bit!

Sunday Lincoln went on his first road trip when Kariah, Jeremiah, Lincoln, and I drove to Seattle. He did an excellent job in the car too... he's just a good little traveler!

We spent Monday in Federal Way with Grandma. It was sort of fun parading Lincoln around and I think Grandma enjoyed it too.

We had a little trouble getting home. We were re-routed and then delayed for several hours, but Lincoln handled it like a champ. His mother, however, was a little upset... next time Daddy is coming with us!

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