07 July 2014

Independence Day Guests

We were lucky enough to have the Michigan Joneses come spend the Fourth of July with us! We had so much fun with them!

We went to the splash park near our house to play in the water.


The next day we went to a park called Huntley Meadows, which is a wetlands preserve. We saw turtles, frogs, lizards, and maybe an otter. I forgot my camera, though, so only took pictures with my phone and, unfortunately, my phone and computer sometimes have trouble communicating. That night we made s’mores in our fire pit and lit sparklers. Over the course of the week only two children were burned by sparklers. :(



After a lot of debate we decided to watch the DC fireworks from the parking lot of the Pentagon. It turned out to be a pretty good spot and it was easy to get home. Lincoln got a new camping chair that day and loves it. I would have bought Conan one too, but Walmart only had one boy chair left. We are currently fighting over it until they restock.


The kids took turns tackling Jonathan and each other while we waited for the fireworks to start.




Lincoln took the following two pictures. I was there too!


On Saturday we went to the National Zoo and so did everyone else in the DC metropolitan area. It was busy, but the humidity was low and we saw a fair amount of animals.


A police officer was nice enough to let my boys (the girls weren’t interested) climb up on his… vehicle. They were pretty excited as you can see.


It is always so much fun to have visitors, we were sad to see them leave yesterday. The DC area has a ton to offer if anyone else wants to visit ;).

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