10 November 2013


I really wanted the boys’ Halloween costume to coordinate this year. I feel like this might be my only chance. Conan is getting more opinionated by the second, so I suspect next year he won’t just go along with whatever Lincoln is doing. Also, I’m not exactly sure how we managed to get Lincoln to sign off on such a literary costume, but we’re happy he did.

We kicked off our Halloween festivities this year with the “Air and Scare” at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center. Captain Ahab and his arch-nemesis, Moby Dick, first stopped for a photo-op outside. There are several things I could change about Conan’s costume if I were to make it again, but I suspect I won’t ever need to, so I’m letting it go. But he’s not a shark!


We have very few photos inside the event because it was crazy busy and it was hard to keep tabs on Conan and take pictures. This whole trick-or-treating thing was very confusing for Conan. He was constantly begging me to “try bite” but I kept saying no. And then encouraging him to collect more candy.



A few days later we carved our pumpkins.


Lincoln requested Batman and Jonathan requested a mustache and sunglasses.


We enjoyed our ward trunk or treat the day before Halloween. Two kids collecting candy makes for a lot more candy in our house. This is a blessing and a curse.



The night of Halloween Jonathan and the boys went trick-or-treating with our neighbors on our street while I handed out candy at home. It started to rain some, so they just stuck to our street, but that was fine with me. We have enough candy to last us until Easter. That’s not true. I will eat it all way before then.


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