06 August 2013

Lincoln in the News

Yesterday the boys and I ventured into DC when we heard that an artist was going to be creating a chalk mural on a sidewalk in Dupont Circle. We watched the artist work for a little while and asked her a few questions. She mentioned that she wanted children to finish the title of the mural she had started and asked Lincoln if he’d like to help. Never one to turn down a piece of sidewalk chalk, Lincoln obliged and dutifully colored in the letters that she had outlined. While he was coloring, a journalist for the Scripps Howard Foundation Wire approached me to ask me a few questions, then asked if she could take some photos of Lincoln for her article. It may not be the largest media outlet there is, but it was still pretty fun to see Lincoln in the story. You can check out the article here.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, how cute you two are! I miss you guys so much!!

-Lacey RO-