15 August 2012

A Very Merry Un-Birthday

Conan was six months old yesterday! To celebrate we headed to the national zoo and had a very successful day. We’ve always taken the metro to the zoo before and it’s not really the most pleasant experience. The metro stop isn’t all that close and it’s at the bottom of a hill. Yesterday, we cruised right up to the entrance, found a parking spot about 10 feet away and I parallel parked expertly. We’re driving from now on. We could only park on the street for two hours, but honestly, I think two hours at the zoo is about our limit anyway. It rained yesterday morning so we got to see a lot of animals out and about.

The sloth bear was pacing right in front of the glass. Lincoln didn’t want to get too close, just in case.


One panda was eating his weight in bamboo and another was sleeping like a rock. They reminded me of Conan about 5 and a half months ago.


This handsome guy was so good about riding in the stroller and providing all the smiles I required.


We got to see an orangutan go across the “O Line.” It. was. so. cool.




Our last stop was the great cats. One lion and one tiger were both roaring like crazy.


And I asked a stranger to take a picture of me and my boys since I never get to be in pictures. I sure love getting to do all this fun stuff with them. :)



Emily Hales said...

Fun! Is that Charles I see Lincoln holding?! I can't believe he's still around :)

Lindsey Hicks said...

I love that you got asked for a picture - I need to do that. Also your hair looks great.

Hillary and Jonathan said...

Emily- I'm not super confident Charles isn't going to walk across the stage with Lincoln when graduates from high school. Their love hasn't diminished in the slightest.