01 March 2012

3 Years Old

Lincoln celebrated his third birthday this week. Conan sort of complicated any party plans we may have made, so it was a pretty low key birthday at home, but Lincoln didn’t seem to mind at all.

My mom got to be here for his birthday, so that was a special treat for both of them. She got Lincoln some “Dinosaur Train” toys that talk to each other and they were definitely his favorite present.



I made a simple basketball cake for the birthday boy and he loved it! He was so excited when we sang to him and he really tried to blow out the candles, but needed a little help from Daddy in the end. While Jonathan was cutting the cake Lincoln kept yelling, “It’s my birthday! That’s my birthday cake!” This little boy is just becoming more and more fun each day! I can’t wait for his 4th birthday!





In non-birthday news:

Lincoln has been demonstrating his big brother skills lately. Conan hates being put in his car seat (even though he falls asleep moments later) and always cries. While I’m getting shoes and coats Lincoln rocks the car seat. It is the sweetest thing. He says, “Oh, Conan’s crying… better rock him.”


A few months ago Lincoln was riding his tricycle and the handlebars and front wheel came off. After we got the pieces home I told him that Daddy would fix it when he got home, but the tricycle sat on our deck in pieces until a few days ago. Lincoln decided to take matters into his own hands and fix it himself. It really only needed to be snapped back together, so Lincoln was able to do it all on his own! He’s getting so big!


We were so happy to have my mom come and help us for a week! Lincoln loved getting to spend some time with his Grandma and I loved having an extra set of hands around to help with Conan.


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Lindsey Hicks said...

Happy Birthday Lincoln:) Great cake Hillary!