09 June 2011

Title Censored

Last Friday Jonathan, Lincoln, and I drove to Scranton, PA to meet up with my friend Wayne who had been visiting New York City that week. Scranton is about half way between NYC and Ithaca, so we thought it as good a place as any to hang out for a few hours. After meeting at Steamtown Mall, we decided to sample the local cuisine at Alfredo’s Pizza CafĂ©. We were a little underwhelmed by the pizza. The crust was wonderful. The toppings were delightful. It just tasted like they used Kraft singles for the cheese. I shudder to think what Pizza by Alfredo tastes like.

                                                                                        DSC_0741 DSC_0749

After lunch, we decided to take in some of the local sites. I had read on Trip Advisor that tours of an old coal mine were available and we thought that sounded like a fun activity for our afternoon. Unfortunately the last tour left at three o’clock and we arrived at 3:02. So, instead of seeing a real coal mine we visited the Anthracite Heritage Museum at the same location. We were the only visitors to the museum that day and the guest book hadn’t been signed in days. People just aren’t as interested in coal as they used to be. On top of being a museum about coal, about half it was blocked off with caution tape, because they were having some work done on the roof. This turned out to be a good thing, though, because it made the museum much more exciting. We felt like rebels as we threw caution to the wind to get photos of hundreds of antique thread spools. We like to live dangerously.


We had such a fun afternoon in Scranton with Wayne! We hadn’t seen each other in quite a long time, so it was really nice getting to catch up and hang out. I’m really excited we’re going to be living a whole lot closer to him in a little over a month!


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