20 May 2011

Good-bye PizzaLand

I can hardly believe it, but Jonathan graduated from Law School last week. We were happy to have Jonathan’s parents and Aunt Brigitte in town to help us celebrate such a huge milestone.


Keeping a two year old reasonably quiet  for two plus hours (during his naptime, no less) and the low lighting inside made getting any presentable pictures of the ceremony impossible, but we made sure to take quite a few after it was over.



Unfortunately, the convocation fell on a very rainy day. That made it difficult to get from the car to the ceremony location, then to the law school for a reception and, finally, back to the car. Luckily the school provided shuttles between these places and a large tent for the reception, but we all still got pretty wet and that doesn’t really make for a fun afternoon. Nevertheless, we were so happy to be celebrating Jonathan’s numerous achievements over the past three years and the end of our lives as students.



We are now looking forward to a busy summer of bar prep, a move to our nation’s Capitol, and who knows what else. It should be fun.


Ashley Bybee Stepp said...


Emily said...

Congratulations! The pictures look great. We were confused for a second until we realized Jonathan was actually smiling :) We sure are going to miss you guys!

Lindsey Hicks said...

Yay for Jonathan. Well done!

Julie said...

Congratulations guys!!! We'll miss you so much. Glad we were here at the same time. And I LOVE your quiet book. I'm way impressed!

Christy said...

Congrats, Hillary & Jonathan!! Good luck with the bar and your move to D.C. this summer. Such exciting times. When you are settled in D.C., Jace and I want to visit. : )

Bree said...

What an accomplishment, congratulations!!

Nat said...

HAHAHA nice hat Jonathan.