18 September 2010

Sous Chef

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Lincoln has been very interested in the kitchen lately. He really likes to help and he loves see what’s happening. I can’t be in the kitchen by myself anymore . If I’m in the kitchen, I oftentimes get pushed away from the counter by this incredibly strong little boy, until I either pick him up or enlist Jonathan’s help in removing him. Forget about it if the stand mixer is running. He needs to see what’s going on in there, just ask him. He’s becoming quite the good little helper, though. He loves to stir, add ingredients (salt and pepper are especially fun,) and, of course, taste test. I would not be surprised if this little boy grows up to be a chef one day. For now, though, it’s so fun to have him as my own personal sous chef.

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stepphousehold said...

Especially if he learns to do the dishes soon!