16 July 2010

A Good Egg

Since we’ve been in New York I have been following a “less is more” philosophy in regard to what I carry with me. Since I’m carrying Lincoln, carrying anything else is a lot to ask. As a result, I have been avoiding taking my purse out with me and, instead, carrying this little black notebook. It has a small pocket in the back where I store a credit card, driver’s license, metrocard… you know, all the stuff I need everyday. My notebook is small and, as it turns out, easy to misplace.

After we had been running around with Lindsey and Norah for a couple of hours last Monday, I realized my notebook was gone. We retraced our (many) steps back through the Upper West Side and Central Park, but to no avail. It was just gone. Although I posted an ad on Craigslist, I had no hope of recovering my things… until I checked Facebook. When I logged into Facebook I had a message from a girl named Jess. She had found a black notebook in the park that day and wanted to know if it was mine so she could return it to me. I could not believe it. I immediately messaged her back thanking her profusely and explaining that it was indeed my notebook. We arranged to meet on Wednesday in Grand Central Station and she returned my notebook to me just as I had left it, nothing missing, crisis averted.

I feel like New York and New Yorkers really get a bum rap a lot of the time. Since we’ve been here so many people have been helpful, friendly and kind to us. Countless people have offered to help me carry Lincoln and his stroller up and down subway stairs, people stop on the street to ask if we might need directions, or point out the elevator when we’re looking for it. Of course there are weirdos out there, but for the most part, our human interaction in NYC has been very positive.  Thanks, Jess, for taking the time to return my notebook. It meant the world to me.


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