11 April 2010

Vet School Open House

DSC_0411Cornell's Veterinary School hosts an open house every year and (as it turns out) all of Ithaca comes out to pet baby sheep and learn how to milk a cow. Lincoln loved it! He got to pet dogs, farm animals, a rat, and, against my express wishes, a snake. He was surprisingly gentle with all the animals, he' such a good boy!

 DSC_0360 DSC_0362

DSC_0376 DSC_0384 

One of the weirder attractions featured at the open house was a cow with a hole in it. Yes a hole. They use this poor cow to help other sick cows…DSC_0402

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Bree said...

I have experience with the cow with the hole in the side! In middle school I stuck my hand inside said hole-y cow (PUN). They said it doesn't hurt the cow but I disagreed and cried the whole time. I was a very sensitive child. ANYWAY, they apparently use the hole to pull samples of what the cow has eaten to evaluate digestive processes, acid content and such. (sensitive AND helpful! bwah ha ha)