27 February 2010

Pictures from the Big Day

'Tis the birthday boy, bright and early on his birthday morn. A plastic sippy cup full of whole milk, and he's ready for the day.

The day begins with presents, as every good birthday should. After some brief instruction - a quick refresher course on our Christmas day activities - Lincoln jumps in and takes care of business.

We had some friends over to celebrate the occasion with cake and ice cream (although we forgot to actually serve them ice cream . . . we hope they're not upset), and Hillary fancied-up our apartment with celebratory streamers and signs. For those of you that have been paying attention to the national weather, you may have heard of the blizzard that swept (and is still sweeping) across the Northeast. So we were very grateful to all of friends who braved the weather, dug out their cars, and came to our little party.

Mama also made Lincoln a cute, little crown, but even though she worked awfully hard on the crown and even though he looked just adorable, he didn't really want to wear it.

Lincoln's top hat cake! We thought it appropriate to fashion a cake shaped like a top hat, and I think Hillary did an pretty good job (although we did receive some complaints that Abraham Lincoln's hat was black and not brown). To the side is the small cake just for Lincoln.

Here's the happy family together for a photo as Lincoln prepares to eat his cake.

Here are Lincoln's first few bites of chocolate cake. We were hoping that he would really dig in and tear the cake apart. Unfortunately, he wasn't really into it.

He did, however, make a bit of a mess.

All in all, it was a wonderful today, despite the inclement weather. Best wishes to our favorite little one year old.


Brooke said...

lincoln's cake And his crown are both amazing. Good job momma.

Tiffany said...

I am so impressed! I love the banner and the cake.