15 November 2009

This Week From the Craft Department

I decided a while ago I wanted to make Lincoln's Christmas stocking. My big plan is to keep the pattern and use it for our future kids, so all of their stockings will be the same, but be made of different fabrics (does that make sense?) This stocking is by no means perfect (I am still a very amateur seamstress...), but I am pretty pleased with it.

Also, I've become trapped in blogland more and more frequently as of late... There are so many great craft blogs, and decorating blogs, and cooking blogs, and... I could go on for a while. I somehow (don't ask me how) stumbled onto this blog and this awesome tutorial. I thought to myself, "I have a crappy book, a glue gun, and a dollar... I can do that!" And I did. I love my new wreath, but it is very difficult to photograph. :)

I have found MANY other crafty tutorials I want to try... naptime is too short...

So I meant to write this post a while ago and it was originally just going to be devoted to crafts, but when I stuck my memory card in my computer I couldn't believe all the cute picture of Lincoln on there... okay I could believe it (he's so handsome :) so I thought I should post some of them.

Here's Lincoln few weeks ago playing with his friend Norah (she thinks he handsome too :)

They are so cute together...

We got a new shipment of diapers from Diapers.com (I love that site!) and Lincoln played in the box for a little bit, like all children should.

He put this blanket on his own head and then stayed like that for a while (I guess he liked it.)

And here he is, just looking cute during his nap, with his elephant, Charles.


SMT Family said...

Great crafts! I was actually looking to buy that stocking pattern (did you like it?). I love the wreath. I can't believe how big Lincoln is getting--and Norah for that matter. I'm jealous that you all get to hang out with each other and your babies. Miss you guys! And that picture of Lincoln with his elephant is absolutely adorable. Love it!

Bree said...

The wreath looks awesome! And Link looks totally huggable, as always. :)

Ashley Bybee Stepp said...

I love how you made that last picture black and white. It looks really professional!

Lindsey Hicks said...

Ahh, young love!