18 March 2009

A Belly Button for St. Patrick's Day

Lincoln finally lost his umbilical cord stump on Tuesday! It is still sort of funny seeing a bare belly button instead of a stump, but it's so nice that it's gone! Here's a picture of his brand new belly button:

Because his stump is gone we can give him real baths now. He had his first one in his little bathtub yesterday and did a GREAT job. He didn't cry at all, just sat in the water and let me wash him. He's such a good baby. :)

Jonathan took this picture of him and I think it's so cute! This is not his normal sleeping pose (he usually sleeps like he's calling a touchdown,) but he sure looks cute!

Here's a better shot of his normal sleeping pose. It's how I can tell he's really out and not just dozing. He likes to take naps with Jonathan.

I have to say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Starburst Jelly Beans. They only come out around Easter (but I think they should sell them all year... maybe I'll write a letter to Starburst...) and I always look for them. It seems like most times I go to the store I come home with a new pack and Jonathan is convinced I'm going to rot my teeth out. Oh well, it looks like Lincoln likes the way they make my milk taste. :)

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Dan Crossen said...

Don't worry, if your teeth rot out, it gives you more reason to come visit us!!