04 June 2008

The Exodus

After a long and arduous journey, we finally arrived in New York. There were some fun surprises...

(Blowout #1)
and some more definitely-becoming-less-fun surprises

(Blowout #2)

...But, all in all, the voyage afforded us the opportunity to visit a variety of states and view their scenic freeways. We began our journey in Washington (of course), before traveling through...

...Idaho (we may not have been in Idaho long enough to actually take a picture)



(Where we ran into some minor car trouble)

But we were able to spend some time getting to know the good people of Buffalo, Wyoming

...and we're back on the road again to South Dakota



...we did, however, stop long enough to score ourselves some good old Wisconsin cheddar

...then off to Illinois

(Please feel the pain of our Chicago traffic nightmare)

but while the traffic may have received a big thumbs down, the Chicago cuisine...

definitely got a big thumbs up


not forgetting, of course, to swing by and take a peek at the important Indiana sites


While in Ohio, we were able to visit the Kirtland Temple and other nearby Church sites

Above: Kirtland Temple and Hillary (on right)

Above: Whitney General Store with Hillary and Jonathan (centered)

...and back on the road to Pennsylvania

...before finally arriving

where we were, naturally, welcomed with open arms

and let's do that one more time

But, in the end, we arrived safely at our destination. All in all, it turned out to be, at the very least, a memorable adventure that we will not be repeating in the near future.


Bree said...

...what is it with you two and tires?? Hasn't this happened twice before? I think you need to find a new brand! ;)

Thister said...

It's like I said, you both do not have luck with cars. Hopefully the car goddess, Cochecarroauto, will bless you with safer and less "eventful" travels in the near future.

I am glad you made it to your destination!

P.S. My new blog address is in my profile, in case you forget it. Hopefully it is the last time I change addresses!