07 February 2008

He made it!

So Jonathan FINALLY made it back to Lille. I think it was a challenging few days for him. I'll spare you the airport details, but we had a little adventure here. I was supposed to meet Jonathan at one of the train stations here on my lunch break. The problem was, hadn't purchased a train ticket ahead of time, so I didn't know exactly when he should arrive. I got to the train station expecting him to be waiting for me, but he wasn't. After checking all the incoming trains and waiting a little bit, I had to leave to go back to school. I thought for sure he would be at the station when I got back after school. He wasn't. There are two train stations in Lille, I checked the other one, but he wasn't there either. I went home to see if he was waiting for me there (we only have one set of keys,) but he wasn't there. This patterned continued got several hours with me suffering various degrees of panic. Finally I came home convinced I was a widow and he was, miraculously, there. We just missed each other at the station somehow and he expected me to be places that I wasn't. It was a huge mess, but it worked out in the end.

So we're off to the UK and Ireland next week, so we'll be out of contact with everyone until the 19th. We are going to start in London, head north to Edinburgh, catch a flight to Dublin, spend several days in Galway, and then head back to London. It should be fun. It will be nice to be in a place where I don't feel guilty about speaking English.

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Thister said...

I hope you have a blast! England can be a lot of fun, just watch out for the pickpockets!