05 January 2008


Well, another Christmas has come and gone. We hope it was great for all of you back in the States. We had a great time here, hanging out in Grenoble with Jonathan's family. A French Christmas is definitely different from an American one (more emphasis on eating and much less on presents.) On Christmas Eve, Jonathan and I tasted our first raw oysters. It was an... interesting experience...

We were going to open our presents at midnight on Christmas Eve, but we actually started at like 11:15, so we were done before midnight.

On Christmas Day we ate more... a lot more. We had a big meal at lunch time. It started with more oysters and then 12 escargot. We could both handle the oysters better the second time and the escargot are actually pretty good. You mostly just taste butter and garlic.

We spent the afternoon visiting Jonathan's Grandma and then we ate some more that evening. All in all, it was a nice, relaxing Christmas.

We also had a nice quiet New Year's which, as we all know, is a time for introspection and change.

So, with that in mind, we leave you with just one photo of something that no one should ever have to see again...

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Bree said...

Fu Manchu! Jonathan, that's terrifying. Don't let any admissions committees see you with that living on your face... ;)